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Sophie Ferrand-Hazard

Born in France Sophie, the founder of  Art of Connection has lived on the African continent for
all her childhood years. Further, as an adult
she has lived 22 years in Johannesburg,
amazing hub of culture and creativity in Africa.
Sophie is fascinated by the way the hand
creates beautiful forms and has made it her
mission in life to celebrate the remarkable talent
and cultural legacy, transmitted by Masters of  Craft.

“To appreciate an object made with care and passion, and to know how to distinguish it from less noble products, it is necessary to develop curiosity, admiration and a critical path.” Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship.

Meaningful connections

Art of Connection believes in weaving bonds between art, design and craftsmanship  to create and showcase beautifully contemporary handcrafted pieces. Our pieces have a strong cultural heritage. They are sustainable. They are unique or made in limited edition. They are contemporary and made with  high quality standards. Once the pieces are completed and finalised. Sophie extends the work and it is worth by taking it to the viewers on an international scale.