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This collection is a celebration of the amazing creativity of talented authentic craft masters in contemporary South Africa.

What is Bayakha Collective

‘Notre volonté est de metre en avant des produits uniques ou des éditions limitées en mettant l’accent sur la mise en valeur d’un patrimoine dans le respect de la matière premiere et du savoir-faire.’

 The purpose of Bayakha Collective is to curate and sell rare and unique objects from Southern Africa. The collection exhibits a contemporary version of ancestral techniques that represent proudly South African culture and aesthetics.  

The word “bayakha” is borrowed from isiZulu, which translates to “we make”.
 Bayakha Collective gives the creations the platform they deserve. Bayakha Collective is the project name for the artworks that are en route to the galleries and decorators showrooms  where they are displayed. 
 All the artists featured in the Bayakha collection developed original creations which are deeply rooted in traditional South African cultures. The work uses locally produced material such as Karoo wool, Kwazulu-Natal palm and cotton grown in the Eastern Cape. 

 For Sophie, the emphasis is on the “we”, because the African ideology of collectivism is brought to life under the Art of Connection’s Bayakha Collective. It is here where Art of Connection is the bridge builder weaving bonds from local to global , between artists, as well as countries.. It is with Sophie’s vision and mindset that she is able to take remarkable African work, identities, and values to global spaces. 

 Master craftsmen and craftswomen presented in the Bayakha Collective come from different parts of the country, their works use locally produced material with ancestral techniques to create contemporary creations. 

MAISHA tables and stools, made with Illala Palm available to order.